Action Planning

Result formats:

The audit tool delivers scores in two formats:

  1. A downloadable record in PDF or spreadsheet format of all
    the criteria, your position for each, and your comments.
  2. A summary output for each section and sub-section, based on a simple
    system of total numbers of reds/ambers/greens

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Now that you have acquired a clear picture of the local age equality situation, it’s vital to translate this into clear priorities that will feed into a local action plan.

Download the detailed results document as a starting point for your action plan and reports. Remember that the summary results format shown above can be useful when comparing audits over time, but it also conceals the detail that your full Audit Outcomes document contains. You’ll find it helpful to refer back to the ‘model implementation process’ in Preparing for the audit at this stage.

The action planning template (Word file) can be downloaded to provide a starting point for pulling together and agreeing your next steps. It also contains tips and advice about getting the best from the action planning process.

The action plan will contribute to the organisation wide Equalities Strategy and Annual Improvement Plan that is a crucial part of the forthcoming Equality Delivery System.