Social care practice guide

Age equality and age discrimination in social care: An interim practice guide

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) Guide 35
SCIE have published an interim practice guide on their website to help managers, commissioners, providers and practitioners in all sectors of adult social care. They will be publishing a revised version of this document later in 2010.


  1. Age equality and age discrimination
  2. Nature and purpose of consultation
  3. Framework for Adult Social Care consultation


  1. Involving and recognising older people
  2. Promoting social inclusion
  3. Developing personalised services


  1. Visible leadership
  2. Fair and equal access
  3. Equitable resource allocation


  1. Quality responses and services
  2. Well-equipped workforce
  3. Defined and monitored objectives

Selection of key reading

Please click here to view a table that shows how the social care practice guide links to the audit tool criteria (PDF)